Go Green With Farmbro

Farmbro Inc. is committed to providing its customers environmentally friendly work vehicle solutions. We research our lines to understand their environmental impact and how they can also help to reduce the operating and maintenance costs for your vehicles. We also work with our suppliers across North America in helping them develop environmentally friendly products and solutions for the upfitting industry.

Our Green Upfitting is committed to

  • Increasing fuel efficiency
  • Lowering operating and maintenance costs
  • Reducing exhaust emissions


Our Green Work Vehicle Solutions focus on

  • Vehicle weight reduction
  • The use of energy saving technologies
  • Use of recyclable materials/recycle materials in our product lines
  • Alternative fuel technologies
  • Telematic solutions such as GPS, anti-idling technologies
  • Vehicle and operator behaviour

Vehicle Weight reduction

We offer a number van & truck upfitting lines that use lightweight construction materials like aluminum to lower the vehicle weight. We also promote “rightsizing” your van and tuck equipment by offering products that are smaller in size and offer the same benefits.

The use of energy saving technologies

Lowering vehicle operating costs and reducing carbon foot prints are important with many fleet managers and end users. We foster our relations with suppliers that cater to the eco-friendly demand of the marketplace. Some of our energy saving technologies include; energy saving electronics, anti-idling technologies, and alternative fuel conversions.

Use of recyclable materials/
recycle materials in our product lines

We actively promote the use of van & truck equipment manufactured using recycled materials. These include recycled plastics, recycled aluminum, and even recycled wood and paper based products where applicable.


Electrification & Alternative Fuels

Farmbro’s experience with alternative fuel vehicles include;

  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Conversions
  • Propane conversions
  • CNG systems installations

Telematic solutions such as GPS, anti-idling technologies

Farmbro offers a variety of telematic solutions for fleets, operators, remote location workers as well as single vehicles.

Our telematic solutions provide management reporting about driver management, vehicle system health, fuel management, health & safety management and more while keeping the data transmission costs low.


Vehicle and operator behaviour

Regulations for vehicle & operator behaviour are constantly changing with new laws requiring more monitoring of vehicle & operator for safety and environmental reasons. Farmbro offers a number of telematic and non-telematic solutions that monitor and report activities as well as prevent dangerous situations for the operator and the vehicle.